Werner Altinger disegna e realizza gioielli
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Werner Altinger designs and makes Jewelry in San Casciano Val di Pesa (in the “Chianti classico” near Florence) and his hometown Wasserburg am Inn, Germany. His collections can be seen in various exhibitions in Tuscany Southern Germany and Berlin Since 2007 he teaches Jewelry Making at the School of Art and Culture “Lorenzo de’ Medici, founded 1973 in Florence.


Apprenticeship in the goldsmith studio “Claudia Folkerts & Peter Dreissig” in Wasserburg, Germany, where he works extensively in gold, silver, platinum and with gemstones. Diploma in Jewelry Design from the Munich School for Applied Arts in 1996.

1997 – Departure to Italy

Werner Altinger moves to Florence, the city of Renaissance, where he gets a 6-month scholarship to take a position as a teaching assistant at “Le Arti Orafe“, the International School of Jewellery , founded by Gio’ Carbone in 1985.

July 1997

In July 97 Altinger gets commissioned to transfer to Siracusa, Sicily in order to participate in the creation of a Private Collection using a special type of coral “Il Corallo Antico di Sciacca” at the prestigious “ll Crogiolo” studio working for Maria-Elena Fazio and Francesco Passanisi.

1998 – Back in Tuscany

Altinger moves back to Florence and takes a position with Fratelli Piccini on the famous “Ponte Vecchio“, the Jewellers’ bridge. Here he works for two years as a goldsmith side by side to the masters of Florentine arts and crafts Armando Piccini (Winner of the Biennale Venezia 1936 and the Diamond International Award 1958) and Renzo Bernardoni.

2000 – Opening of own studio

Altinger’s experience matches with independence and he decides to open his own studio. It is in Florence, where he works as a jewelry Designer and Model maker for a wide range of clients internationally. Some of his works has been recognized by a couple of Italian Jewelry magazines like “18 karati“, “Glamour” e “L’orafo italiano“.

2006 – First personal Jewelry Collection

Werner Altinger creates his first personal Jewelry Collection combining antique techniques with innovative ones that make his designs both unique and timeless. The collections were featured in the German television documentary “Wonderful Tuscany” (Wunderschöne Toskana) and can be seen at various exhibitions in Germany and Italy throughout the year including “Inhorgenta” International Jewellery Trade Show Munich, where he was part of the “Design Podium” in 2006.

Since 2007 Werner Altinger teaches Jewelry Making at the School of Art and Culture “Lorenzo de’ Medici”, founded 1973 in Florence.